Bugaboo Butterfly vs Joolz Aer

Bugaboo Butterfly vs Joolz Aer

A travel stroller is a must-have for some parents. Lightweight and compact, these strollers are easier to manage on trips and quick errands than full-size models. Even though the market is flooded with travel strollers, consumers often compare two models. Both strollers are comparable in price and have several similarities, including a roomy backrest. We are referring to the Bugaboo Butterfly vs the Joolz Aer. Keep reading to learn what we found out about these two travel strollers.

Bugaboo Butterfly vs Joolz Aer Side by Side:

Bugaboo ButterflyJoolz Aer
Maximum child weight48.5lbs50lbs
Age range6 months - 4 yearsBaby
Collapsed dimensions36.4” X 17.7” X 40.3”L 21” x W 17.7” x H 8.5”
Unfolded dimensions17.7” X 9.1” X 21.3”‎32.7 x 17.7 x 41.5 inches
Weight16.1lbs13.4 lbs
PriceFind on AmazonFind on Amazon

Weight and Size

A primary factor to consider in a travel stroller is its weight and size. The stroller’s purpose is to be easy to pull in and out of a vehicle or overhead storage bin. Both strollers are extremely lightweight, but the Aer weighs about two pounds less. The Aer is also a little shorter in the length. The two strollers measure the same in width, with the Aer being about an inch taller in height.

The folded dimensions are similar and smaller than the International Air Transport Association’s requirements for carry-on luggage. You will not have a problem getting either stroller on an airplane.

Best for Weight and Size: Joolz Aer


Something we like about both travel strollers is the larger seat. The high backrest, around 22” on the Butterfly, provides support and keeps younger and older toddlers comfortable. The backrest is an inch shorter on the Aer, but our tests indicate it doesn’t affect comfortability.

The seats on the strollers are intended for use from 6 months to 50 pounds. The seat is a little deeper on the Butterfly at 11”. In comparison the Aer seat has a 10” depth. Like the backrest, it’s not enough to make much of a difference.

Where the Butterfly travel stroller comes out ahead in our tests is with its leg rest. Extending the leg rest changes the seat depth to 16”. It provides the added support older, taller toddlers need.

Best Design: Bugaboo Butterfly


The strollers have similar features, like large retractable canopies and ventilated panels. However, only the Butterfly has a 5-position adjustable leg rest. The leg rest also works as a convenient handle, making the stroller a breeze to carry. It also comes with a spring-loaded storage basket. The springs make the basket a little easier to use.

While the Aer doesn’t have all of the features you get with the Butterfly, it does come with a handy nylon storage bag. A zippered pocket on the seat is great for storing small items like keys, wallets, and phones.

Best Features: Bugaboo Butterfly

Ease of Use

A travel stroller should be easy to navigate. You also don’t want any issues when folding or opening the stroller. Both strollers have swiveling front wheels so you can tackle corners with ease. The wheels also glide smoothly over most surfaces.

Folding either stroller requires pressing two buttons simultaneously. Pressing the same buttons opens the stroller up. The Butterfly does lock into place after folding, and you also need to push on the handlebar to reopen it. It can be a little difficult to press the buttons and push on the handlebar.

Easiest to Use: Joolz Aer

Bugaboo Butterfly Review

Bugaboo Butterfly front
Bugaboo Butterfly


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Large, spring-loaded storage basket
  • Deep seat and high backrest
  • One-step fold and open design
  • 5-position footrest


  • The Butterfly is not compatible with a bassinet which limits when parents can start using the travel stroller

The Butterfly from Bugaboo meets most of our expectations in a travel stroller. At 16.1 pounds, it is lightweight and compact enough to fit in airplane overhead bins. A 22” backrest ensures older children have plenty of support, and the deep seat helps ensure comfort. The seat also reclines to accommodate sleeping toddlers. A padded inlay adds to your child’s comfort, along with the extendable footrest. The leg rest also doubles as a carrying handle. It’s a nice feature to have when carrying the stroller through busy airports.

When you don’t want to use the leg rest, you can pick the stroller up with the handlebar or attached carrying strap. We find it’s always nice to have different options to fit your surroundings.

We are surprised at how sturdy the basket is. It can hold up to 17 pounds which is convenient when traveling. You can keep all of your child’s essentials close by and still have space to store a few souvenirs.

The stroller is compatible with several types of car seats, you are not limited to only Bugaboo models. When it comes to keeping the stroller clean, the fabrics are water-resistant and washable. Even the seat inlay is removable for easy washing. Our more detailed review of the Bugaboo Butterfly.

Joolz Aer Review

Joolz Aer front
Joolz Aer


  • Locking wheels
  • Included storage bag
  • Storage pocket on the seat back
  • Elastic carrying handle
  • Compatible with most bassinets


  • The stroller does not come with a leg rest which can extend its use for taller children

The Aer is one of the lightest travel strollers on the market, weighing only 13.4 pounds. While our tests show the Aer matches the Butterfly in several areas, it also has a few extras. It comes with a convenient storage bag and a small pocket on the back of the seat. The pocket is the perfect size for storing items like phones and car keys.

It is also compatible with specific bassinets. You can start using the travel stroller at birth, instead of six months.

Chemical-free, washable fabrics make it easy to keep the stroller clean. You can even choose from nine fabric colors and add accessories like a cup holder or leg rest as necessary.

Safety is always paramount, regardless of your child’s age. A five-point harness prevents active toddlers from wiggling free and the locking wheels keep the stroller in place. We’ve also compared the Joolz Aer vs. Babyzen Yoyo2.


Comparing the Bugaboo Butterfly vs the Joolz Aer isn’t easy. Both travel strollers meet our expectations from weight and size to easy navigation. The Butterfly does have more accessory options (>>> Check on Amazon), but the Aer is slightly lighter in weight. It comes down to what you need and want from a travel stroller. We think you’ll find something to like about both models.

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