Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming for a lot of reasons. It takes a lot to keep that new bundle of joy happy, health, and safe, and no matter how much research you’ve done and how ready you feel, nothing can completely prepare you for the day you bring your new baby home.

One thing I didn’t realize before having kids of my own, though, is how much stuff babies need—and how complicated it can all get! With so many different options out there for things like car seats, strollers, and cribs, figuring out which ones are right for your family can feel confusing and anxiety-inducing, especially alongside all the other work you have to do to prepare your home for the new arrival.

This realization as a new parent was the impetus for starting BabyGear ABC. My goal with this site is to save parents time searching for the right baby gear, letting them find and buy the best stuff faster so they can get back to the work of raising their family. The reviews, product comparisons, and buying guides on this site are written by parents, for parents, cutting through all the marketing noise to focus on the features that really matter in the real world. You can also head to the “Tips” page for answers to some of your other questions, like “Why is my baby doing that, and should I be worried?”

The bottom line is, every parent has questions, whether you’re getting ready for your first kid or bringing home baby number three. Here at BabyGear ABC I hope to answer the ones I can to make life for parents everywhere just a little bit easier!