Joolz Aer vs Babyzen Yoyo2

Joolz Aer vs Babyzen Yoyo2

Whether you are traveling or navigating an urban environment you need a stroller that fits your busy lifestyle. Along with a compact design and easy maneuverability, you also look for comfort and convenience in a stroller.

You get this and more with the Aer and Yoyo2, but which stroller is right for you? Comparing the Joolz AER vs the Babyzen Yoyo2 you notice both are top-rated travel strollers. The Aer comes with a wider seat, it will grow with your baby (>>> Check on PishPoshBaby). It’s also a little easier to fold. The Yoyo2 is a breeze to push, and it comes with more customizable options.

Still not sure which stroller is right for your busy family? Keep reading to find out what each model has to offer.

Joolz Aer vs Babyzen Yoyo2 Side by Side:

Joolz AerBabyzen Yoyo2
Maximum child weight50lbs48.5lbs
Age rangeBabyBirth to toddler
Collapsed dimensionsL 21” x W 17.7” x H 8.5”20.5” x 17.3” x 7.1”
Unfolded dimensions‎32.7 x 17.7 x 41.5 inches‎22” x 18” x 8”
Weight13.4 lbs13.6 lbs

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Find on Amazon

Safety Features

No parent wants to buckle their child into an unsafe stroller, and these two models meet all safety standards. Durable, aluminum frames keep the stroller lightweight while providing plenty of support for babies and toddlers.

Locking wheels prevent the strollers from rolling away, and both models also come with five-point locking harnesses. You aren’t going to have a problem keeping active kiddos safely in the seat.

Best Safety Features: Joolz Aer & Babyzen Yoyo2


Whether you are navigating a busy airport or tight grocery store aisles these strollers will handle it with ease. Front swiveling wheels tackle tight corners, and the lightweight frame makes the strollers a breeze to push.

You aren’t going to struggle with either stroller, but the Yoyo2 is a little easier to maneuver. It boasts a one-hand push design, leaving your other hand free.

Easiest to Maneuver: Babyzen Yoyo2

Ease of Travel

Both strollers are designed for travel. You can easily stow either stroller in a vehicle trunk or overhead airplane bin.

Each stroller offers something different for traveling parents. The Aer is about three pounds lighter than the Yoyo2. It’s not a big difference until you are lugging the stroller through the airport or onto a bus or train. It also folds down easily with the press of a button.

The Yoyo2 is a more compact stroller. It’s easy to shove into an overhead storage bin. It also boasts a similar one-touch folding design. It only takes one hand to collapse the stroller.

Best for Travel: Joolz Aer


You want a stroller that’s comfortable for you and your child, and these strollers deliver. Soft, padded seats keep babies comfy on long and short rides. Multi-position seats let your little one nap comfortably or watch the sights. The strollers also come with retractable sunshades.

While the Yoyo2 is a comfortable stroller, the Aer comes with a longer seat and larger sunshade. It can grow with your baby, keeping them comfortable up to 50 lbs.

Best in Comfort: Joolz Aer

Joolz Aer Review

Joolz Aer

The Joolz Aer travel stroller combines luxury and functionality. It’s a lightweight stroller, around 13lbs, that quickly folds down in a single step. An included travel bag makes packing and storage a breeze.

A patented seat provides plenty of comfort for babies six months and older, up to 50lbs. The seat is fully reclinable, ideal for naptime. It’s also longer than other stroller seats. Your growing toddler stays comfortable up to 50 lbs. An extra-large UPF 50+ canopy keeps bright sunlight out of your baby’s eyes. Ventilation in the seat and hood provide allow for plenty of airflow.

You won’t have a problem storing a diaper bag or other items underneath the stroller. It boasts a large-capacity storage basket. Available in six fashionable colors and with the option of adding a newborn accesory, the Aer is an ideal stroller for parents on the go.


  • Lightweight design
  • Extra-long seat
  • Easy to fold
  • Roomy storage basket
  • Large sunshade


  • The stroller is not designed for use with newborns

Babyzen Yoyo2 Review

Babyzen Yoyo2

There’s a lot to like about the Babyzen Yoyo2 stroller, starting with the various options. You can choose from nine colors and plenty of accessories. Add a running board for another child or a convenient cupholder to name a few. You can easily customize the Yoyo2 to meet your needs.

Its lightweight and compact size are ideal for travel. The stroller is also easy to fold down. It fits easily into overhead bins on airplanes, and you’ll appreciate the padded shoulder strap.

Pushing the stroller through crowded terminals or stores is a breeze. It can also handle most types of terrain, thanks to the four-wheel suspension system. A faux leather-wrapped handle bar ensures your comfort, and the Yoyo2 also comes with a roomy storage basket.


  • All-wheel suspension
  • Aluminum frame
  • Five-point harness
  • Compact size
  • Customizable


  • The canopy may be too short to fully shade your child’s eyes


If you are looking for a travel and city stroller, you can’t go wrong with the Joolz Aer and the Babyzen Yoyo2. Both are lightweight, compact, and easy to fold, but each has its strengths.

The Joolz Aer comes with a longer seat and is easy to fold down (>>> Find on It also has a little more storage room. If you are looking for a customizable stroller, the Babyzen Yoyo2 has plenty of options for you and your baby. Choosing between the two models comes down to what you want and need in a travel stroller.

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