Bugaboo Fox 5 vs Fox 3

Bugaboo Fox 5 vs Fox 3 stroller comparison

Whether it’s strollers, car seats, playpens, or high chairs, Bugaboo is the brand that often comes to parents’ minds. Known for durability, ease of use, and attractive style, it’s no surprise the brand is a favorite.

While we appreciate the brand’s extensive line of products, we are interested in comparing two strollers, the Bugaboo Fox 5 vs the Fox 3. Each stroller has something different to offer. The Fox 5 is a 2-in-1 all-terrain stroller while the Fox 3 is a full-size model. Let’s see which one may be the best choice for your family.

Bugaboo Fox 5 vs Fox 3 Specs Side-by-Side:

Bugaboo Fox 5Bugaboo Fox 3
Maximum child weight50 lbs48.5 lbs
Age rangefrom birth to ~ 3-4 yearsfrom birth to ~ 3-4 years
Unfolded dimensions36.6 x 23.6 x 41.3 in41.3x 23.6 x 42.5
Folded dimensions35 x 20.9 x 13.4 (with bassinet)
17.3 x 23.6 x 35.4 (stroller seat)
35 x 20.9 x 13.4 in (with bassinet)

18.5 x 23.6 x 35.4 (stroller seat)
Stroller weight22.9 - 26.9 lbs21.83 lbs
Wheels sizeFront: 8.5 in.
Rear: 12 in.
Front: 8.5 in.
Rear: 12 in.
Warranty4 year4 year
PriceFind on Amazon

Find on Amazon


Sturdy frames and comfortable fabrics are standard with these strollers. The fabric is washable, something every parent appreciates. Infants and toddlers can make a mess, and it’s nice when the seat covers are a breeze to clean. The seats are also reversible and fully recline to help ensure your child’s comfort. The reversible seat also lets you keep an eye on your little one.

Sleek and stylish come to mind when describing the strollers’ appearance. Each one is designed to look as great as it functions.

When it comes to size, these are larger strollers. You are not going to be able to fit either model in an overhead storage bin. The Fox 5 measures ‎36.61 x 23.62 x 41.34 inches and the Fox 3 is a little larger at 41.34 x 23.62 x 34.65 inches.

During our tests, we also discovered these are not lightweight strollers. The Fox 3 comes in at 21.83 lbs. and the Fox 5 weighs up to 26.9 lbs. You probably aren’t going to strain a muscle getting the strollers in and out of a car trunk, but you will need to use both hands.

Best Design: A Tie


Considering the strollers’ weight, we are pleasantly surprised at how easy each one is to maneuver. Both Bugaboo models have advanced four-wheel suspension. However, while both strollers can tackle almost any type of terrain, the Fox 5 comes with puncture-resistant wheels. Sharp rocks and broken glass are not going to result in a flat tire. >>> Check on Amazon

Swiveling front wheels make it easy to handle tight corners. It’s something we like about both models. The last thing a parent wants to do while running errands is have problems maneuvering their stroller.

The fingertip push design adds to the strollers’ maneuverability. You don’t have to struggle to push the stroller, even uphill or on uneven terrain.

Easiest to Maneuver: Bugaboo Fox 5


The strollers come with a bassinet, so you can use them for infants and toddlers. The strollers can support up to 50 lbs. The long use helps offset the price tag since it may be the only stroller you need.

A large, retractable sun canopy keeps little ones comfortable on sunny days. Both strollers also come with roomy storage baskets. The basket on the Fox 3 can carry up to 48 lbs. It’s nearly the same with the Fox 5, except it also comes with side flaps. We especially like how the side flaps help keep items from falling out.

Both Bugaboo strollers also come with car seat adapters. It’s one less thing you need to purchase if you want to use either stroller for an infant.

Best Features: Bugaboo Fox 5

Bugaboo Fox 5

Bugaboo Fox 5 stroller
Bugaboo Fox 5 bassinet

Eco-conscious parents will appreciate the stroller’s sustainable construction. It’s made from bio-based materials instead of plastic. You can do a little something for the environment while also getting a stroller that can handle almost anything.

Four-wheel suspension and puncture-resistance wheels let you take the Fox 5 almost anywhere. A reclining seat keeps little ones comfortable while napping, and the seat is also reversible. The footrest is great for toddlers just learning how to stand.

What we really like is how easy the stroller is to fold down. The one-push button automatically folds the stroller to a compact standing position. It’s just as easy to open up when you are ready to use it again. Check our full review of this stroller.


  • Easy to fold and open
  • Roomy storage basket with side flaps
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Puncture-resistant wheels
  • Four-wheel suspension


  • The stroller does not come with a snack tray or cup holder, both are additional purchases.

Bugaboo Fox 3

bugaboo fox 3 side
Bugaboo Fox 3 bassinet

The Fox 3 shares several of the same features as the Fox 5. It’s designed for all types of terrain and comes with a four-wheel suspension system.

Washable fabrics and a click-connect harness are standard. It only takes one hand to safely buckle your child in.

The included bassinet is vented to allow for plenty of airflow. You will also appreciate the fingertip push design. It’s that easy to push the stroller, even when the storage basket is loaded down.

An aluminum frame ensures durability and helps keep the weight down. It is a full-size stroller, so don’t plan on taking it on an airplane or plane. It’s not a carry-on item, instead, you will need to pick it up at baggage claim.


  • Quick-click harness
  • One hand folding design
  • Four wheel suspension
  • Roomy storage basket
  • Bassinet and car seat adaptors included


  • The stroller’s larger size can make it difficult to fit down cramped aisles


You are not going to go wrong with either Bugaboo stroller. The Fox 5 is a little smaller than the Fox 3, but neither are travel strollers. Instead, they are designed to tackle any type of terrain you find on city or nature walks. If you frequently encounter rough terrain, the puncture-resistant wheels on the Fox 5 may be the best choice. Check on PishPoshBaby.com However, if you want a stroller with plenty of room for growing toddlers, take a look at Fox 3. It’s a full-size model.

Both strollers also come in a variety of colors. You can choose your favorite color or one that matches your vehicle. Whichever stroller you choose, your toddler will be comfortable and happy.

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