Cybex Libelle 2 vs GB Pockit All City

Parents know traveling with young children means packing a lot of gear. Along with the essentials in a diaper bag, there’s also a car seat to worry about. Don’t forget about the stroller, especially if you are planning on taking walks. While items like car seats are bulky, it doesn’t need to apply to your stroller. You can find lightweight, compact, and foldable strollers that are perfect for traveling or running errands around town.

We are taking a look at two lightweight strollers, each designed for easy travel. The Libelle 2 is compact, lightweight, and carry-on compliant. So is the Pockit+ All City stroller. So, which one is right for you? We’ll cover the strollers’ specifications in this Cybex Libelle 2 vs GB Pockit All City review to help you make an informed decision. (>>> Chek current price on Amazon).

Cybex Libelle 2 vs GB Pockit All City Side by Side:

Cybex Libelle 2GB Pockit All City
Maximum child weight55 lbs55 lbs
Age range6 months to toddler6 months to 55 lbs
Unfolded dimensions28.7"W x 20.5"D x 40.9"H28.7"W x 20.3"D x 40.9"H
Folded dimensions12.6"W x 7.8"D x 18.9"H12.6"W in x 7.9"D x 18.9"H
Weight13.7 lbs13.2 lbs
PriceFind on AmazonFind on Amazon


The stroller’s design goes beyond its appearance. You want the stroller to have a sleek design. Appearance matters for some parents. Aluminum frames help keep the weight off. The material is also durable and can last for years. Both strollers come with these specifications, but you will notice a few differences.

The Pockit is a few pounds lighter than the Libelle 2. You may not think a four-pound difference is important until you are carrying the stroller through a busy airport terminal. The Libelle 2 is also a little larger, even folded down. However, both strollers are smaller than the 22 x 14 x 9 inches measurements required for all carry-on luggage. When folded down, you can easily take either model on a plane, bus, or train.

Best Design: GB Pockit All City


Safety is a primary concern for parents, and both strollers deliver. They come with five-point adjustable harnesses to keep little ones safely in their seats. Locking rear wheels prevent the stroller from rolling away, even on hills and steps. You still do not want to leave your child unattended when you are out and about. But, the locking wheels let you safely take your hands off the handles for a few seconds.

Best in Safety: A Tie

Ease of Use

You want a travel and city stroller to be a breeze to use. Both strollers come with swiveling front wheels. You can turn corners with ease. It also helps that the strollers are compact. It makes it easier to navigate crowded aisles.

We especially like how easy both strollers are to fold down. It only takes a few seconds with the press of a button. The travel strollers are just as easy to open back up. It’s something we appreciate. Due to its lighter weight and slightly smaller size, we find the Pockit a little easier to use.

Easiest to Use: GB Pockit All City


It’s always nice when a stroller comes with additional features, and these travel strollers do not disappoint. Roomy storage baskets and extendable sun canopies are standard on both models. The strollers are also part of a travel system, and are compatible with Cybex car seats. The adaptors and car seat are extra purchases, but it does allow you to use either stroller from infant stage up to toddler.

The Pockit All City comes out a little ahead. It has an adjustable, reclining seat that is missing on the Libelle 2.

Best Features: GB Pockit All City

Cybex Libelle 2

Cybex Libelle 2
Cybex Libelle 2


  • Lightweight frame
  • Compact size that meets carry-on regulations
  • Easy to fold
  • Swivel front wheels
  • Large storage basket


  • The seat does not fully recline and can affect your child’s comfort

Polyester fabric and an aluminum frame ensure durability and easy care. The Libelle 2 is a compact travel stroller that is ideal for parents constantly on the move. Weighing only 14 lbs., it’s lightweight and easy to carry with your other luggage. When folded, the stroller only measures 13 x 8 x 19 inches. It’s small enough to fit in overhead luggage bins.

The compact stroller can support up to 55 lbs. With the addition of a Cybex car seat, you can use the stroller for infants. When your child is ready, remove the attachments, and it’s ready for toddlers.

We do wish the seat came with more adjustable options. It does not fully recline, which can be an issue for sleepy children. It does come with a large storage bin and retractable canopy. Both are nice features to have for parents and children. Find our more in-depth Cybex Libelle 2 review.

GB Pockit All City

GB Pockit All City
GB Pockit All City


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Adjustable and reclining seat
  • Easy to fold
  • Swivel front wheels
  • Roomy storage basket


  • The stroller does not come with carrying straps or a storage bag

The Pockit All City comes with several features you find on the Libelle 2. Our tests show the two travel strollers are comparable with only a few differences. The Pockit travel stroller comes at a slightly lower price point. It’s something budget-conscious parents will want to consider.

You can turn the stroller into a complete travel system with the addition of a Cybex car seat. Without the car seat, the stroller is rated for use with children 6 months up to 55 lbs. It is slightly lighter in weight than several other models – only weighs 10.4 lbs. It also easily folds down to a compact 11.8 x 7.1 x 13.8 inches.

What we really like about the stroller is the reclining seat. It helps keep little ones comfortable whether they are awake or napping.


You can’t go wrong with either travel stroller. Our Cybex Libelle 2 vs GB Pockit All City review shows both are compact, lightweight, and easy to fold with the press of a button. The Pockit All City is slightly lower in price. It also boasts a reclining seat (>>> Find on Amazon). There is still plenty to like about the Libelle 2, and it’s worth taking a look at. Whichever model you choose, you end up with a compact, easy-to-use travel stroller.

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